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About ~vern's Matrix Instance

Our matrix instance runs locally built debian packages of tulir's fork of synapse under monolith mode.


We have an instance of maubot which runs the following:

  • sedbot (
  • rssbot (
  • weatherbot (
  • ping/echobot (
  • XKCDBot (
  • reminderbot(
  • urbandictionary (
  • serverchecker (
  • translate (
  • imperial → metric (

XMPP Bridge

We also host bifrost, a XMPP bridge.

The address syntax to access XMPP from Matrix:

  • Private chats:
  • MUCs:

The address syntax to access Matrix from XMPP:

  • Direct chats:
  • Public chats:

It also supports plumbing of existent Matrix rooms to XMPP rooms, room administrators can perform plumbing by doing the following:

  • Invite into the room
  • Type !bifrost bridge xmpp-js component.domain.tld roomname where the MUC on XMPP would be called roomname@component.domain.tld
  • To eventually remove the plumbing you can just type !bifrost leave

Message Retention

We currently do not have a message retention policy set, but its possible to delete all your messages when you deactivate your user by setting erase=true option in json.

You can also delete all your recent messages in a room with the Remove Recent Messages option in Element

What clients do you host?

We host instances of Element, Cinny and Hydrogen.

We use our own dimension server for integrations server and default to using our jitsi instance.

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